[omd-users] Errors with Install from repo on Scientific Linux 6.4

Ted Fines tfines at digitalriver.com
Wed Jul 17 00:39:27 CEST 2013


I have installed omd-1.00 from the repo onto Scientific Linux x86_64.  No problems getting dependencies met.

"yum search omd-" returns both omd-1.00 and omd-0.52.  "yum install omd" attempts to install version 0.52.  I can't say that is 'wrong' or 'broken' but it is unusual to offer two versions of the same product like that, and that "yum install" would default to the older one.  If I do "yum install omd-1.00" it installs that one.

OK, so that install seemed to work.  But then...

The key issue it seems is that everything is getting installed in /opt/omd (like the web site reads), but all configuration files for omd are set for /omd/.

For instance, the /etc/fstab mount point entry for instance is /omd/sites/<site name>/tmp.  (no preceding /opt/)  Here's the actual line: "tmpfs  /omd/sites/TestSite/tmp tmpfs noauto,user,mode=755,uid=TestSite,gid=TestSite 0 0"
For instance pt. 2, the rpm installs the symlink /usr/bin/omd, but this links to /omd/versions/default/bin/omd (again, no preceding /opt)

Also, "omd create TestSite" successfully adds an entry to /etc/fstab, but it doesn't mount it.  If I mount it by hand it mounts fine.  Again though, it mounts on /omd, and the omd installer doesn't create a symlink.

So I thought, maybe it just needs a symlink.  I created one with "ln -s /opt/omd /omd".

Then onto "omd start TestSite":

# omd start TestSite
Starting dedicated Apache for site TestSite...OK
Starting rrdcached...OK
Starting npcd...touch: cannot touch `/omd/sites/TestSite/tmp/pnp4nagios/run/npcd.pid': No such file or directory
chown: cannot access `/omd/sites/TestSite/tmp/pnp4nagios/run/npcd.pid': No such file or directory
An Error occured while reading your config on line 197
Message was: "Could not open pidfile '/omd/sites/TestSite/tmp/pnp4nagios/run/npcd.pid': No such file or directory"
/omd/sites/TestSite/etc/rc.d/80-nagios: line 66: /omd/sites/TestSite/tmp/nagios/nagios.cfg: No such file or directory
Nagios configuration file /omd/sites/TestSite/tmp/nagios/nagios.cfg not found. Terminating...
Initializing Crontab...You (TestSite) are not allowed to use this program (/usr/bin/crontab)
See crontab(1) for more information
close failed in file object destructor:
Error in sys.excepthook:

Original exception was:

As you can see from the error above, the "pnp4nagios" subdirectory doesn't get created.  I tried creating it and its 'run' subdirectory by hand, and creating the 'nagios' subdirectory under tmp by hand too and starting again.  The nagios.cfg file it created there then produced a bunch of errors because all of its config was for /omd instead of /opt/omd.

You get the idea.  The installed config just doesn't match the install location is what seems to be the problem.  Any advice or help would be appreciated.

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