[omd-users] Errors with Install from repo on Scientific Linux 6.4

Jens Kuehnel omd at jens.kuehnel.org
Wed Jul 17 08:22:35 CEST 2013

Hi Ted, Hi Jörg,

>> I have installed omd-1.00 from the repo onto Scientific Linux
>> x86_64. No problems getting dependencies met.

> There is OMD support for Scientific Linux?
> IMHO there is no Support for this Linux Distribution See
> http://git.mathias-kettner.de/git/?p=omd.git;a=tree;f=distros;h=ca462a878017e31d4f1e5dde90b7bfacd922ad03;hb=HEAD
Scientific Linux and Centos are both RedHat Clones. I also run OMD with
Oracle Linux and it works as well.

>> The key issue it seems is that everything is getting installed in
>> /opt/omd (like the web site reads), but all configuration files for
>> omd are set for /omd/.
If you like you could move /opt/omd to someplace else and you only have
to point the symlink /omd/ to the new location.

> So I thought, maybe it just needs a symlink.  I created one with “ln –s /opt/omd /omd”.
That should be created by the preinstall scriptlet of omd.rpm.

What version of util-linux-ng do you use? You need 2.17.2-12.9_el6_4.3
because that fixes a bug with mount and it looks like you run into that.


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