[omd-users] Fwd: trouble monitoring with SNMP

Jerson Cifuentes jersoncifuentes at gmail.com
Thu Jul 25 16:50:44 CEST 2013

Best Regards.
I recently had a server with centos 6 and 0.56 omd working properly.
Perform backup and a new facility in centos 6, but with omd 1.00
The backup is restored smoothly, customers monitored by check_mk client work
But when I try with SNMP monitor always shows Error.
This is the error page check_mk:

Inventory failed for this host:
Incomplete or invalid response from SNMP agent

I checked and have the same snmp packages, correct community but still

Also issued the command and everything works out something like this:

  . / check_mk - debug - try-inventory automation - contabi1

and introduces me an error

Trying inventory for ucd_cpu_util on contabi1

I appreciate the ideas to solve this problem

Jerson Cifuentes
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