[omd-users] Two OMD - Check_MK questions

AC ac at itlab.it
Fri May 3 11:52:07 CEST 2013

Hi all,

                I'm running OMD 0.56  (core Icinga OS Centos 6.4 64bits) and
I found a strange thing: everything is working fine except some links.


Perfdata graphs of every service are correctly visualized, but clicking on
the icons http://icinga/cedis/pnp4nagios/media/images/notify.gif (Most
recent alerts..) and http://icinga/cedis/pnp4nagios/media/images/trends.gif
(Nagios availability.) I get the error below.


I can't explain it 'cause I'm not using Nagios.



Last question: I'd like to use specific checks shipped with Ceck_MK (like
oracle_tablespaces) but I don't find how to do that via WATO, for me it's
mandatory perform almost every configuration in this way 'cause I'll have to
train collegues with no CLI experience.


Thanks in advance






Error: Could not open main config file
'/omd/sites/test/tmp/nagios/nagios.cfg' for reading!

Here are some things you should check in order to resolve this error: 

1.	Make sure you've installed a main config file in its proper
location. See the error message about for details on where the CGI is
expecting to find the configuration file. A sample main configuration file
(named nagios.cfg) can be found in the sample-config/ subdirectory of the
Nagios source code distribution. 
2.	Make sure the user your web server is running as has permission to
read the main config file. 

Make sure you read the documentation on installing and configuring Nagios
thoroughly before continuing. If all else fails, try sending a message to
one of the mailing lists. More information can be found at
<http://www.nagios.org> http://www.nagios.org. 


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