[omd-users] R: Two OMD - Check_MK questions

AC ac at itlab.it
Fri May 3 14:32:32 CEST 2013


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> Oggetto: Re: [omd-users] Two OMD - Check_MK questions
> please adjust etc/pnp4nagios/config.php
> #
> # Link back to Nagios or Thruk ( www.thruk.org ) # $conf['nagios_base'] =
> "/<site>/nagios/cgi-bin";

I'm wondering which is the right path to set, cgi-bin dirs are under
/opt/omd/versions/0.56/lib/nagios/ and /opt/omd/versions/0.56/lib/icinga/
But at the moment I' not able to set nagios_base to point there.
Moreover I'm asking myself if there's something wrong in my setup, it looks
strange to edit config files shipped with OMD, all the rest is correct...


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