[omd-users] check_mk-omd_status

Stephen Berg (Contractor) stephen.berg.ctr at nrlssc.navy.mil
Thu May 9 14:35:40 CEST 2013

Not sure if this question should go to this list or the check_mk list.  
I can post to that list if it would be more appropriate.

I have a setup with one master server that pulls via multisite from 6 
other servers.  In the "Tactical Overview" pane on the left frame of 
check_mk I see totals for hosts and services.  Could that sort of 
information could be included in the check_mk-omd_status service for the 
other servers?  So for instance one of my other servers just checks 
hosts on it's subnet and the check_mk-omd_status could return the status 
of all it's services plus a count of hosts and services within it's 
configuration.  I suppose it could even be set up as performance data so 
you could graph and track the growth of what it's monitoring.

Stephen Berg
Systems Administrator
NRL Code: 7320
Office: 228-688-5738
stephen.berg.ctr at nrlssc.navy.mil

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