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Other than not graphing the information, how is this different than
clicking the "home" button in WATO and then clicking the "No Changes" or
"Apply Changes" button.  On that page, it shows how many hosts and services
are on each site.


On Thu, May 9, 2013 at 7:35 AM, Stephen Berg (Contractor) <
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> Not sure if this question should go to this list or the check_mk list.  I
> can post to that list if it would be more appropriate.
> I have a setup with one master server that pulls via multisite from 6
> other servers.  In the "Tactical Overview" pane on the left frame of
> check_mk I see totals for hosts and services.  Could that sort of
> information could be included in the check_mk-omd_status service for the
> other servers?  So for instance one of my other servers just checks hosts
> on it's subnet and the check_mk-omd_status could return the status of all
> it's services plus a count of hosts and services within it's configuration.
>  I suppose it could even be set up as performance data so you could graph
> and track the growth of what it's monitoring.
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