[omd-users] Down Host: ICMP not available but SNMP is

Peter David peter.david at vocatus.de
Tue May 14 14:34:45 CEST 2013

Markus Joosten <markus.joosten at ...> writes:

> Hi there,since you wrote to the OMD list, i assume you are using Check_MK
1.2.0 which provided with the current stable version of OMD
0.56.Unfortunately, this version is lacking the feature
"host_check_commands" (see:
http://mathias-kettner.de/checkmk_configvars.html#host_check_commands) where
you could define how the host state should be determined.You might try a
daily snapshot of OMD which includes more recent versions of
Check_MK.Regards,Markus-----Original message-----> From:Peter David
<peter.david at vocatus.de>> Sent: Tuesday 14th
May 2013 13:48> To:
omd-users at lists.mathias-kettner.de> Subject:
[omd-users] Down Host: ICMP not available but SNMP is> > Hello List,> > i've
added a host via WATO an i'm monitoring it via SNMP. The Community> String
is added and i recieve SNMP-Data but the Host is marked as "down"> because
the firewall denies ICMP-requests. I won't change the> firewall-rules, but
how can i mark the host as "up" since i recieve SNMP-Data?> > Thanks in
advance!> > _______________________________________________> omd-users
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i’m sorry, i forgot to mention i’m using OMD 0.57, Check_MK 1.2.2 on SLES 11

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