[omd-users] Disallowed key characters in global data

Boris Oskotsky PhD. oskotsky at stanford.edu
Tue May 21 21:50:03 CEST 2013

Dear All,


I experience the same issue as here
key-characters-in-global-data/ :


"I have OMD 0.56 running and yesterday I went to check a historical graph
for a service.  I clicked the graph icon and got this error, "Disallowed
key characters in global data".

This person was able to find a fix by commenting out the following line:

exit('Disallowed key characters in global data.');

in /opt/omd/versions/0.56/lib/kohana/system/libraries/Input.php

Is there better solution? It looks quite bad - I have quite modest setup
so far (15 machines, mostly pings only) which was running less than 24


Thank you,



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