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Christoph Blau christoph at 4dt.co.za
Thu Jun 5 11:55:58 CEST 2014

I see what you are saying...

Sorry, not to be a pest, but is there a plan to make 1.11 a stable release?
...or is the next best bet to get CMK1.2.4 to use the testing repo?

Many Thanks,

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Hi Christoph,

you can use the testing repo from Consol, OMD version is 1.11 there
and includes CMK 1.2.4


2014-05-29 16:01 GMT+02:00 Christoph Blau <christoph at 4dt.co.za<mailto:christoph at 4dt.co.za>>:
> Hi There
> I joint this list today only... Please excuse me if this has been asked /
> announced already.
> I checked on http://omdistro.org/changelogs for when a new OMD release will
> be available. I saw a notice about 1.20 and also read that check_MK-1.2.4 is
> included.
> Currently I am running omd-1.10-rh61-31.i386. I am using the
> labs-consol-stable.repo to keep my OMD updated.
> I am very excited to get my hand on omd-1.20. Do we know when 1.20 will be
> available in the repos?
> Kind regards,
> Christoph
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