[omd-users] VMWare ESX

Christoph Blau christoph at 4dt.co.za
Mon Jun 9 16:50:42 CEST 2014

Hey List

I have used labs-consol-testing.repo to upgrade my OMD to omd-1.11-nc.20140606-rh61-32.i386 specifically to get my hands on CMK1.2.4 ....it worked very well, nice!!!

One of the things I was interested in are the VMWare checks. I can run the check from the command line and get the output.

~/share/check_mk/agents/special/agent_vsphere -u 'someuser' -s 'somesecret' -i hostsystem,virtualmachine,datastore,counters --direct --hostname ESXi1 --timeout 5
Version: 5.0
AgentOs: VMware ESXi
accessible      true
capacity        9993852026880
freeSpace       4194763276288
type    VMFS

I created a host specific rule in WATO with the same credentials, applied the changes and went to do a full scan... but nothing happened :-{{

Is there anybody who had more luck and can give me some guidance please?

Kind regards,
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