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Florian LOYAU loyauflorian at gmail.com
Mon Mar 3 06:43:41 CET 2014


Someone introduced me to OMD with Check_MK a few months ago as first steps
with monitoring and I must say it's very practical, both complete and easy
to use. It also works around some of the nonsenses of Nagios, such as the
fact that a service, its polling, and checking, are the same thing (pretty
much every templates and collections of checks i've found ended up meaning
you have to bulkwalk those switchs' interfaces N times -- uncool when it
takes so long)

Now I'm looking to implement such a solution, and I can't help but want to
use Shinken because, same deal, it just makes more sense to me. I've
already got a few different Shinken/Check_MK setup working, both with and
without OMD, but had a few questions :

 * I rarely hear about Shinken with OMD, do you plan to keep its
integration ?
 * Is the use of Shinken 2.0 planned eventually ? The etc/ structure and
packs manager are pretty neat, but install process is very hackish right now
 * Do you know if there are any plans to add shinken specific support to
the Multisite ? Even just the possibility to add Realms and tags (for
distribution), or segregating WATO config in the new etc/ structure would
be real awesome

Thanks :)
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