[omd-users] Check_MK over SSH

Morgan Rongier morgan.rongier at gmail.com
Thu May 22 09:34:01 CEST 2014

Hi all,

First, thank you for helping me :)
I found a way to setup SSH through web interface (WATO) of Check_MK, It seems to be ok now, but I’m really curious tu understand why when I fill my main.mk, nothing change, and no SSH connection are started between my servers.

Okay Alex, but reading your answer provided me a new question : What is the point of configuring main.mk if I can’t manage my hosts through WATO ? I don’t get it, but of course I’m new in SysAdmin world, in internship for 2 months  only :)

Thanks Marcin, I’ll keep this in mind, but my servers are directly available, I don’t expect any trouble on this side, for the moment ! ;)

But if someone is looking for an easy way to put ssh on check_mk, here is my solution :
- Create an user who can log into your target in ssh without password
- In WATO, go to «  Hosts & Service Parameters » - «  Datasource Programs » - «  Individual program call instead of agent access » 
- Create à rule
- Choose if you want to access some hosts via ssh (on don’t check the box «  explicits hosts » )
- «  Put a command line to execute », I filled that way : « ssh ssh -l remote_user <IP> « check_mk_agent"
- Validate
- It’s working :)

I saw that it exists a problem with « logwatch » extension, but I don’t use it … just saying that I have no time to check that, sorry ! And maybe it comes from my configuration !
Wow, finally I did it, not using the way I wanted but it’s working, phew !


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