[omd-users] OMD Release

Sven Nierlein sven at nierlein.de
Thu May 29 18:53:28 CEST 2014


There is no 1.20 yet, the changelog is a bit missleading. Instead of 1.20, it should state "next".
The 1.20 will be right after release in the consol repository. But right now, there isn't even
a release date.


On 29/05/14 16:01, Christoph Blau wrote:
> Hi There
> I joint this list today only... Please excuse me if this has been asked / announced already.
> I checked on http://omdistro.org/changelogs for when a new OMD release will be available. I saw a notice about 1.20 and also read that check_MK-1.2.4 is included.
> Currently I am running omd-1.10-rh61-31.i386. I am using the labs-consol-stable.repo to keep my OMD updated.
> I am very excited to get my hand on omd-1.20. Do we know when 1.20 will be available in the repos?
> Kind regards,
> Christoph
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