[omd-users] Agent_fritzbox

Dirk Laurenz (Samba Mailinglist Account) samba at laurenz.ws
Thu Oct 2 07:35:10 CEST 2014



i just update my fritzbox 7390 to OS 6.20 from 6.04. Afterwards I had to
update the fritzbox agent, as the old pnp path does not work any more.


The current testing omd distri comes with the older agent..


diff --git a/agents/special/agent_fritzbox b/agents/special/agent_fritzbox

index 6cccf36..8722f92 100755

--- a/agents/special/agent_fritzbox

+++ b/agents/special/agent_fritzbox

@@ -109,7 +109,7 @@ g_version = None


 def get_upnp_info(control, namespace, action):

     global g_device, g_version

-    url = 'http://%s:49000/upnp/control/%s' % (host_address, control)

+    url = 'http://%s:49000/igdupnp/control/%s' % (host_address, control)


     headers = {

         'User-agent':   'Check_MK agent_fritzbox',


Would be nice to update the omd stack.


Regards Dirk


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