[omd-users] Version for new install?

Marcel Schulte schulte.marcel at gmail.com
Sun Sep 7 17:13:25 CEST 2014

Hi Stan,

OMD 1.20 is relatively fresh so no major difference to the nightly
veraions.l - should be safe for your upgrade.

Which 'new core' do you mean?

Am 07.09.2014 17:08 schrieb "Stan Brown" <stanbrow at gmail.com>:

> We are adding several new slave nodes, and want to use this opportunity to
> upgrade our OMD servers. We would like to do this with a version that we
> can stick with for a good while, but of course we want to take advantage of
> ne features. Our thinking is to stick with the Nagios core, rather than
> move to new core.
> So, here are our questions.
> 1) should we go with 1.20 ? Or should we go with a slightly later nightly
> build to take advantage of bug fixes introduced post stable release?
> 2)) if the lare, can anyone recommend a specific nightly build.
> 3) would going to the new core version at this point in time be a major
> change?
> Thanks for any advice relative to our upgrade.
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