[omd-users] Report: Problems with ubuntu. No Problems with Debian.

Höhe, Armin AHoehe at dmg-dental.com
Mon Sep 15 14:54:03 CEST 2014

just my 2 cents:

I have tried to install omd on a new ubuntu server. Being a Windows-Admin I had a hard time fighting with several difficulties concerning the installation itself. I don't use the gui but chose to make it by SSH. Then I decided to switch to Debian Wheezy. 5 Minutes later I had a running omd. Meanwhile the Update to omd v1.14 went without any problems. I recommend strongly, especially for Linux-dummies like me: Use Debian!

I am sure that there would be a solution for every problem, you Linux-people will surely laugh about me. But nevertheless this was the way I liked it: install Debian, install omd, ready to work.

Greetings fom Hamburg, German



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