[omd-users] Keeping WATO configuration in a Git repository

Otterbein, Karl KOtterbein at ise.com
Thu Sep 18 17:11:21 CEST 2014

We  forklift the changes manually to my git repo.  Any changes we do post-base install, we effectively do via .mk files in puppet, test, and push to our Git repo, then do a puppet run to update and restart the cmk services.  I try to dissuade the use of WATO because we cannot replicate all changes if we had to do a site rebuild, and there is no source of truth once any person can manually update outside of Git.  This however would be a welcome function if plausible. 

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Hi OMD users,

Has anyone successfully set up a system where all changes done through WATO are automatically committed to a Git repository, preferably on behalf of the current logged in (Multisite, using LDAP) user?

This would be a killer feature for our monitoring team.

Best regards,

Kim Tore Jensen

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