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Hello Marcel, 

First I am using the Check_MK web front end for setup 

I created the contact groups but how do I add the hosts to those groups? After logging in I am not see any hosts for the user. 
Sorry for being such a burden but this is all new to me. 

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Hi Robert, 

you should create three contact groups, one for each device group. Each contact group contains just one user. 
Configure the network contact group as host contact group for network devices and so on... 

The users should be member of just that contact group - and never member of administrator role. Hopefully after relogin they only see "their" devices... 

BTW: Do you need this for Nagios/Icinga GUI or Check_MK multisite? 


Robert < mlists at zoominternet.net > schrieb am Do., 2. Apr. 2015 um 02:48 Uhr: 

Helo again, 

I must be dense or something as I cannot figure this out. Let me tell 
you what I want and you can tell how to get to that point. 

I want to setup 3 groups, 


I want to have 3 users for starters, 


When user1 logs in he should only see Network devices 
When user2 logs in he should only see the servers 
When user3 logs in he should only see desktop items. 

Is there a config file I can change/modify/create to achieve this? I 
tried to do it through WATO but it isn't working as expected. 

I'm looking for simple documentation and looked at the web site but 
there is too much to read that doesn't pertain to what I am looking 
for. This is my first attempt at setting up an NMS so I am going to 
need guidance. I learn quickly but if I don't understand it I cannot 
learn it. 

Thank you in advance for any and all support. 


Smile... it increases your face value! 
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