[omd-users] how to use nagios plugin with omd

Wang, Yafu (GE Energy Management) Yafu.Wang at ge.com
Sat Aug 22 01:29:23 CEST 2015

I would like to know how to use check_oracle_health  with OMD.  What I have done

1.       Installed oracle_check_health Nagios plugin on a target host. I tested it on the command line  and it worked fine. For example -

check_oracle_health --connect --user GRIDIQSKIA --password GRIDiqskia321 --mode sql --name="select count(*) from billing_cycle"

WARNING - select count(*) from billing_cycle: 2 | 'select'=2;1;5

2.       On the OMD server, the target host has been monitored.

Question - how to configure target host and OMD server so that I can monitor this check on OMD server for this host?

Thanks for your help.


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