[omd-users] how to use nagios plugin with omd

Wang, Yafu (GE Energy Management) Yafu.Wang at ge.com
Sat Aug 22 21:00:50 CEST 2015

Hi Marcel,

Thanks for your message.  Here is the information I have

·         Nagios Core – version 3.4.1

·         check_mk -- version 1.2.0p3

·         omd – version 1.20

I have installed check_oracle_health plugin on omd server too.  We need to know how to configure Nagios/check_mk/omd for a target host so that we can monitor the check.
Let me know if you need any other information. Monitoring oracle status and query result is very important to our project.  We appreciate any advice from you.

Have a good weekend

Best Regards,


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Hi Yafu,

1. the plugin usually does not need to be placed on target host, because it's executed from OMD server as active check
2. configuration on OMD server depends on the monitoring core used as well as - maybe - used addons/GUIs. Which ones are you using?


Wang, Yafu (GE Energy Management) <Yafu.Wang at ge.com<mailto:Yafu.Wang at ge.com>> schrieb am Sa., 22. Aug. 2015 um 01:35 Uhr:
I would like to know how to use check_oracle_health  with OMD.  What I have done

1.       Installed oracle_check_health Nagios plugin on a target host. I tested it on the command line  and it worked fine. For example –

check_oracle_health --connect<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__10.30.7.18-3A1521_SKIAPROD&d=BQMFaQ&c=IV_clAzoPDE253xZdHuilRgztyh_RiV3wUrLrDQYWSI&r=uxRLhJDkOeqVvwW-WgWTHQ&m=BrcOzrTnl3kB6vR6BuyBOAbTbFmlBKB_Ymyhe82eWZs&s=oj0TDF7RN4yOiR74o2BkvRavYEam1S0lgB5wvdZXUSU&e=> --user GRIDIQSKIA --password GRIDiqskia321 --mode sql --name="select count(*) from billing_cycle"

WARNING - select count(*) from billing_cycle: 2 | 'select'=2;1;5

2.       On the OMD server, the target host has been monitored.

Question – how to configure target host and OMD server so that I can monitor this check on OMD server for this host?

Thanks for your help.


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