[omd-users] old config appeared this morning

Maxime Baudin maxime.baudin at ac-rennes.fr
Fri Aug 28 09:38:25 CEST 2015

Hello everyone,
I'm a new user (3 monthes) of OMD (1.20)

Today my server is  using files from July 3rd in check_mk repository

Everything created or modified (files or contents in 
sites/xxx/etc/check_mk/ ) between this date and today has disapeared.

My question is : where can I find logs or clues to explain what happened ?

This is really strange and I'm curious about this "restore" capability. 
(and hopping of a restora capability ... :) )

Best regards,

Maxime Baudin - Rectorat de Rennes
SERIA-R, 8 rue Jean-Julien Lemordant - 35000 Rennes
Tel : 02 23 42 16 88  Fax : 16 60
E-mail :Maxime.Baudin(at)ac-rennes.fr

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