[omd-users] Ways to improve scalability

Sven Nierlein sven at nierlein.de
Wed Dec 2 11:47:07 CET 2015

On 02.12.2015 10:41, Angel L. Mateo wrote:
> Hello,
>     We've been running omd for a time, but now we are having performance issues.
>     We have a OMD server running in a VMware VM with 8 cores and 16GB and load average is over 10 points. This server is monitoring 850 hosts with more than 3000 service checks. We have 9 different sites (one of them has no hosts neither checks, it is used just as a collector of the other 8) running all in the same server.
>     In order to improve performance we are studying two different ways:
> a) Moving each omd site to a different VM.
> b) Using mod_gearman ([1]) so check commands were distributed between different servers
>     Does anybody has experience using mod_gearman with omd?    What would you recommend? Any other suggestion?
> [1] https://labs.consol.de/nagios/mod-gearman/

3k services doesn't sound that much. What kind of performance problems do you have?
Mod-Gearman is a good way to spread the load over multiple machines and most of the
times it already reduces the load when enabled on the same machine without any
remote worker because it runs the checks way more efficient than nagios.


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