[omd-users] Ubuntu dist-upgrade and OMD nigtly releases

Janusz Sionek j.sionek at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 11 21:21:36 CEST 2015

I need Your support in the following issue:I have a system based on ubuntu 12.04 with few versions of OMD installed from nigtly .deb packages (precise).
Now i need to upgrade system to 14.04 but the apt-get wants to remove my OMD packages.
Is it possible to do a backup of omd sites on ubuntu 12.04 and restore it to ubuntu 14.04 after the full system upgrade?
I have already tested this restore on a separate system but it tells me that i need specific version of omd (for me its omd-1.21.20150428).Is there a way to retrieve this specific nightly version for trusty: omd-1.21.20150428 ?
 Thank You in advance for any help,Janusz
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