[omd-users] PNP4Nagios not working for slave OMD server

Peter Shankland pshankland at gmail.com
Thu May 7 21:03:33 CEST 2015


I have now managed to get a slave OMD server connected to a master server
both running CentOS 6.6 64Bit. I have a number of hosts defined via the
master to the slave and all the services are working fine.

However, I have a problem with PNP4Nagios on the slave server when viewing
via the master on Check_MK. I am getting the error "Received an unexpected
response while trying to display the PNP-Graphs. Maybe there is a problem
with the authentication."

When I click on the PNP4Nagios icon next to a host or service it then shows
the following:

The requested URL /Master/check_mk/ was not found on this

So, it appears as though the URL creation is wrong. When I go directly to
the slave install of PNP4Nagios it works fine.

Any suggestions?

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