[omd-users] Windows NT4 -- disk information w/ check_mk

Gerardo Ferreyra raptorg83 at gmail.com
Mon May 25 19:51:28 CEST 2015

Hello there.
As there is no way to monitor "NT4" disks (for example), i must use some
other tool.

Suppose i already have the disk information of the NT4 host (got with some
other tool). On a file, on a linux host.

How do i format it (send it to check_mk -- cron?) and make it recognizable
by check_mk?

Let me tell you what i did:
- Create a host with wato ("NT-TEST")
- I set "no agent".
- I set the IP from the linux host, where the file is.

Now, i need to know how to format it and send it to check_mk, so i can see
it on any dashboard.

Thank you!!!
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