[omd-users] OMD web performance suggestion (+nginx)

Andriy Kopystyansky anri at polynet.lviv.ua
Sun May 31 13:19:33 CEST 2015

Hi people,
a lot of thanks to Mathias Kettner for check_mk.
There was an issue in this list earlier about performance of the  
web-site runnig OMD, and the one noticeable cause was mentioned  
apache. The same was for me. Not going to say anything bad about  
apache, i guess we could do manage things a little better. The idea  
for now is using nginx as reverse-proxy to serve all static content,  
still using Apache as the application server for php and python  
scripts (perhaps, it could be ruled out with fastcgi later).
Since OMD itself is quite resource-consuming, it is hard to imagine  
someone will use this server (either bare-metal or virtual) for  
somewhat else purpose than OMD. So, OMD setup script could disable  
system's httpd and install nginx instead with approximately following  
server config /etc/nginx/conf.d/virtual.conf:
server {
     listen       80;
     access_log off;

#   nginx can handle static
     location ~ ^/(.*)/check_mk/(.*\.(gif|jpg|png|css|js))$ {
         alias /omd/sites/$1/share/check_mk/web/htdocs/$2;
     location ~ ^/(.*)/pnp4nagios/(.*\.(gif|jpg|png|css|js))$ {
         alias /omd/sites/$1/share/pnp4nagios/htdocs/$2;
     location ~ ^/(.*)/nagvis/(.*\.(gif|jpg|png|css|js))$ {
         alias /omd/sites/$1/share/nagvis/htdocs/$2;

# all the rest goes to OMD's apache
     location / {
         proxy_pass http://localhost:5000/;
Also /etc/nginx/nginx.conf should be tweaked to at least
worker_processes  4; #8;
events {
use epoll; #we are on Linux, yeah?
Such schema works notably faster for me...

best regards,
Andriy Kopystyansky.

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