[omd-users] Graphing not working after updating to OMD 1.30

Laura Nunzia Dimauro ldimauro at unm.edu
Thu Oct 29 22:58:09 CET 2015


I had an easy time upgrading from OMD 1.20 to OMD 1.30.  However, the graphing is not working.  I see the following error: "ERROR: STDERR => /omd/sites/<sitename>/bin/rrdtool: error while loading shared libraries: libdbi.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory......."

The only suggestions I was able to find on the internet were to try and turn off and on cookie auth with omd config but nothing happened.  I also tried making sure both multisite cookie_auth and multisite_authorisation were both on.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Best Regards,

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