[omd-users] How can I upgrade the version of NSCA on my OMD installation?

Paul Bongers check-mk at paul-bongers.nl
Sat Sep 26 09:42:18 CEST 2015

Hi Rick,

I'd say you can simply replace the nsca binary
(/omd/sites/<site_name>/bin/nsca) with a newer one.
Obviously, you'll have to replace the configuration file as well it
they're incompatible.

I don't know if you'll still get support from the developers this way,
so I'd backup the original binary so you can restore it once you've
finished the migration.



On 25/09/15 17:41, Rick Wilson wrote:
> I have an incompatibility problem with NSCA versions. I am setting up
> a replacement Nagios system for an old existing one.  The old one is
> using NSCA 2.9.1, the version that is included in the OMD distribution
> is 2.7.2.  These are not compatible.
> How do I upgrade the 2.7.2 version?
> Thanks,
> Rick Wilson
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