[omd-users] Question RE anonymous thruk access / default_user_name

Jakob Curdes jc at info-systems.de
Tue Dec 6 17:40:59 CET 2016

Hello, we use an OMD-based system with naemon and thruk for our 
monitoring and are trying to implement a two level access model:

- anonymous access to status information (read-only)

- cookie-based access for the rest.

This means that apache and thruk must interact to allow access to 
certain URLs with a default username while requiring cookie auth for 
orther URLs.

The Thruk part of this is easy and solved, we set a "default_user_name" 
and limited access and permissions of that user, this works nicely.
But then all the interface is limited and we cannot use a different 

Now we are trying to configure apache to pass this username to thruk, 
but only for certain URL's, i.e. status.cgi.

In other cases, suggestions were to make a link to the directory with 
the CGI's and use the different URLs to distinguish the two cases in the 
apache configuration.
This seems to be difficult with thruk, as the URL's are not directories 
and how do you make a link to a location ?? We tried setting an alias 
but this did not help.

Another approach could be to allow only this URL without auth by a 
combination of location and file directives; however there we seem to 
get stuck in the rewrite rules used for the cookie based auth. It seems 
that even if the user is passed the rewrite rule changes the status.cgi 
to the login page.

Has anybody gotten a working solution for such a setup? Are we doing 
something wrong?

Regards, Jakob Curdes

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