[omd-users] rules folders and hosts.

benoit Rousselle benoit.rousselle at esrf.fr
Thu Dec 22 17:02:22 CET 2016

Dear All,

I am new to omd and i am running omd-1.31.20160713.jessie.amd64.deb on 
debian jessie in distributed mode.
i have a folder with 4 hosts, and i want to check size on fixed list of 
file systems (or exclude some patterns: docker containers moving in and out)
For this i set a rule "Filesystems (used space and growth)" on my folder 
specifying a list of explicit mount points.
But whatever i can try, it still monitors all files systems found on 
that group of machines.

Did i miss something in the setup ?
How can i debug such issues ?

Many thanks !

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