[omd-users] attempt to view services of snmp host in wato host properties triggers full snmp scan after upgrading to omd 1.30 from 1.20

finnthehuman finnthehuman at alvinshotjuicebox.com
Wed Jan 27 18:07:23 CET 2016

i recently upgraded to omd 1.30 from 1.20 and now when i attempt to view 
the services for a snmp host in wato host properties it triggers a full 
snmp scan/bulkwalk. previously it just listed the services with some 
buttons at the top and would only do a scan if i clicked on the full 
scan button. i want to get the old behavior back as some of my hosts 
take a really long time to scan. in the gui under global settings i have 
the following settings -
"Service discovery check for SNMP devices = Just rely on existing check 
files, detect new items only" and "Service discovery triggers service 
discovery check = off" and in global.mk i have "inventory_check_do_scan 
= False". i don't know what else to do. please help. :-)


finn mertens

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