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I have a OMD 1.2 system with approx. 90 hosts (including servers & switches)
and a total of aprrox. 1000 services, (everything is configured in Nagios
and Nagvis), and it works excellent.


Now i'm trying to install a new OMD 1.3 system on a different server (with
exaxtly the same host, switches, & service checks), where everything should
be configured in check_mk.


Configuring servers, switches etc. works fine, but i'm also trying to
install the HP Array Monitoring program "hpacucli" in check_mk.


Using this in Nagios requires the program "check_cciss-1.12"  to be excuted
on the target host,  and that the program "utils.sh" must be in the same
directory as "check_cciss-1.12".


The check_mk manual for local checks states that locallly executed programs
should be placed in /usr/lib/check_mk_agent/local on the target host.


I've done that (both "check_cciss_1.12" and "utils.sh" are in the /local
directory, but running an inventory on the OMD host does not include the
service check. What is missing ?? Any ideas what i,m doing wrong ??






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