[omd-users] Email/sms Notifications stopped working

Charalambous, Dino DCharalambous at fnb.co.za
Tue Jul 26 11:10:35 CEST 2016

Hi all,

Im running omd 1.3 in a distributed environment using checkmk WATO.

Of recent I am not receiving email/sms notifications. It was working before.
I have setup the contact group assignments for services and host. I can send mail from the notify users action button and that works. I've tested the mail -s plugin from the command line, and all of that works.
When I do a fake check result to test the notifications, I don't get anything out. When I look at the Host-and service notifications log, I see that it only sends to check-mk-notify, and I don't even have that user in my user list.

Any clues as to where I should start looking

Dino Charalambous
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