[omd-users] OMD Raw installation, SNMP trap configuration

Bob Taylor bob.taylor at lacity.org
Fri Mar 4 17:41:00 CET 2016

Hello all.

I just discovered all this cool monitoring software!  Thank you for
creating it.  I'm slowly working my way through setting it up for our
environment here.  One thing I need is to be able to respond to traps.  I
saw that there should be an option to enable traps in "omd config," on the
check_mk web page, but the option doesn't appear in my version.

Does this mean that it is enabled by default? If not, should I follow the
manual setup instructions below the omd instructions? That would be
difficult since I installed it with the RPM file provided on the omd web

Environment:  CentOS 6, running on an ESX VM (for testing purposes.  It
will be on its own machine when I have it working.)

Here's the link to the web page I followed:

Thank you all very much!

Bob Taylor


Bob Taylor
System Programmer
City of Los Angeles
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Bob.Taylor at lacity.org
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