[omd-users] OMD on RasiPi, apt can't find

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If you don't want to build it yourself you can use the repo for bananian linux, https://www.bananian.org/omd 
It's for armv7 so you can use it on RPI2/3 

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Temat: Re: [omd-users] OMD on RasiPi, apt can't find 

Re: [omd-users] OMD on RasiPi, apt can't find Thanks - that would certainly explain things! :) 

I'll DL Jessie and try it again to see how it goes. 

Thanks much!!! 


	Yes it looks like so. 
But you can build it on your stretch system. The github page is [ https://github.com/ConSol/omd | https://github.com/ConSol/omd ] 
I don't know how long it would take to build it on your system but this should be very long :) 


Gregory Sloop < [ mailto:gregs at sloop.net | gregs at sloop.net ] > schrieb am Di., 29. Aug. 2017 um 22:09 Uhr: 
So this post: 
[ https://labs.consol.de/omd/nagios/2017/06/14/omd-labs-2.40-released-raspberry.html | https://labs.consol.de/omd/nagios/2017/06/14/omd-labs-2.40-released-raspberry.html ] 

...Talking about a new OMD 2.40 build is for Jessie only? 


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