[omd-users] Delete old Distributed Monitoring Hosts

Chri.s chri.s at gmx.de
Wed Jan 11 20:24:47 CET 2017


i have a maybe totally easy question. I did an update from 1.30 to 2.2x 
of OMD. Stated by security reasons i couldn't name remote Distributed 
Monitoring Hosts as Place-X when remote internal site was siteX. But no 
affair afaik. I redesigned the Connection with siteX but i can't delete 
Place-X connection so far. OMD says: You cannot delete this connection. 
It has folders/hosts assigned to it. You can use the host search to get 
a list of the hosts.

But clicking on the host-search results in nothing. May you can tell me 
how i can easily find all elements which aims at the old name?

Thank you. Have a nice evening!


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