[omd-users] Monitoring a MongoDB instance with Check MK Enterprise 1.2.8p1

Edwards,PR,Peter,TAG7 R peter.3.edwards at bt.com
Mon Jan 16 17:31:15 CET 2017

Thanks, Robert.

I didn't make much headway trying to get the third party MongoDB plugins for Check MK and Nagios working with my Check MK setup - Enterprise 1.2.8p1.

I eventually discovered through trial and error, however, that the existing bundled plugin which I thought should have been available somewhere, could be downloaded from under the WATO - Configuration section - Monitoring Agents, then Unpackaged Agents.  From there, I was able to download a mk_mongodb plugin file which when installed - and slightly modified - into  my target host's /usr/lib/check_mk_agent/plugins directory, resulted in several MongoDB services showing up after I refreshed the Services of the host.

I had already installed the Python pymongo dependency, but I also had to specify the mk_mongodb script's "host" parameter on line 27 of mk_mongodb, and modify line 35 to use that variable in a call to pymongo.MongoClient.

But after those changes, I was able to run mk_mongodb from the command line see it retrieve some data about the running MongoDB database installation.  This data was also then available in the output from check_mk_agent.

Thanks for your pointers though ... :)


Peter Edwards

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> http://mathias-kettner.com/check_mk_exchange_file.php?HTML=&file=mongodb-1.0.mkp&LANG=en

Oh, the ghosts of the past come haunting me. ;)

This MKP only contains a WATO ruleset that configures check_mongodb.py
as an active check.

You need to install the MKP into your site and place check_mongodb.py
into ~/local/lib/nagios/plugins. Then you go into the WATO rules for
active checks and configure the MongoDB Nagios plugin.

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