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Dennis Sweben d_sweben at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 21 08:41:10 CET 2017

Dear Andreas,

Thank you for your reply.

I figured it was using the /share/pnp4nagios/templates.dist/default.php Which uses all data given inside a foreach look :)
I used a template from the pnp4nagios exchange (ticker) which I find pretty nice and saved it as /share/check_mk/pnp-templates/check_mk_active-icmp.php
Just need to figure out how to add the other 2 lines in as well, and if it’s possible to put packetloss in the same graph but with the vertical line on the right side in %.

I think this is the wrong mailinglist for this ☺ So I will find some help somewhere else!

Thanks again for your reply!


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Hi Dennis,

this is a little bit strange as in a normal installation you should get two graphs for the "check_mk_active-icmp".
One graph with average, min and max, and a second one with packet loss.
The template for this graph is generated by check_mk on the fly.

It is possible to overwrite this template if you copy for instance the file "~/share/pnp4nagios/htdocs/templates.dist/check-ping.php" to
"~/local/share/check_mk/pnp-templates/" and rename it to "check_mk_active-icmp.php". Then you can edit this file.
The resulting graph you can control inside Multisite or PNP4Nagios.


Dennis Sweben <d_sweben at hotmail.com<mailto:d_sweben at hotmail.com>> schrieb am Di., 21. Nov. 2017 um 07:35 Uhr:
Hi all,

I notice how the icmp check gives 4 graphs:

  *   Avarage round trip
  *   Lost Packets
  *   Max round trip
  *   Min round trip

I’d like to change this, into 1 graph.

  *   blue line for Avarage
  *   orange .. ‘flames’ for lost packets
  *   orange line for Max
  *   green line for min

I’ve been trying to find the right graph, but can’t find anything...
I found check_icmp.php on this path, but I’m not sure how to adjust it to my wishes…

So I copied it over to /share/pnp4nagios/htdocs/templates/check_icmp.php
Made some typo’s on purpose to see if it’s the right file.. but no.. Nothing happens

Bottom right of the graph shows:
“Default Template”
“Command check_mk_activate-icmp”

I hope somebody can help me out with this, I really dislike 300 pages of ‘report’ for a few hosts ;-)

Thanks in advance!

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