[omd-users] Single Host multiple ip's

Dennis Sweben d_sweben at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 21 16:17:11 CET 2017

Hi all,

I’m looking for something as the network scan on host folders.
But based on DNS name, and automatically add them as: ip_hostname as a host within the folder.

I’m monitoring lots of hostnames which have loadbalancing and is within Akamai datacenters etc.
I’m monitoring connection to the host and traceroutes.

A manual option to discover ip-addresses is only to solve … 20%
i.e. dig –A <hostname>

The discovered ip’s will change and rotate often.

Any advice here?

Kind regards,

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Subject: Re: [omd-users] Single Host multiple ip's

Hi Michael,

No, not like that.
I need to monitor on hostname, but the hostname has multiple ip-addresses on it’s DNS.
Can these ip-addresses be added automatically by hostname, and perform the same service checks (mainly tcp 80, 443 and 21) on those ip-addresses

Thanks in advance!

From: FRANK Michael <michael.frank at faurecia.com>
Date: 11-13-2017 at 12:08
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Subject: RE: Single Host multiple ip's

Not sure if I understood your problem but wouldn’t clustered services helps?


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Subject: [omd-users] Single Host multiple ip's

Hi All,

I’m in the need to monitor a lot of hosts, on different port numbers.
But these hosts (hostname’s) have multiple ip-addresses as in .. fallbacks, load balancing etc.

What would be the best way to monitor all their IP addresses separately but still having them under the same hostname?
I mean.. is there an automated option for this? Hostname -> Discover ip’s -> Add services from ‘parent’ ?

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,
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