[omd-users] Add checks and the thruck "help" info

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Fri Sep 8 07:09:44 CEST 2017

A reply to myself, just for documentation for someone else who might have the same question.

Someone sent me a message, off-list, saying that the "plugin help" should simply return the output of the check command with the single argument --help; e.g. check_fping --help. They said that it shouldn't require doing anything to make it work.

And in the end, indeed that is correct.

However, for some period of time, it wasn't working that way.
I don't know if that required a restart of the OMD environment or what - but it suddenly started working - without any particular action that I was aware of on my part. [Though it's certainly possible I had a typo somewhere, or some other error, etc. I'd given up trying to resolve the "problem" and went on to other things. For some reason I went back to tinker a bit on it later, and it worked. Dunno why.]

On the first item, about adding it [the check_fping command] to skel. I've been told doing so will break updates for OMD. While I'd like it "in" the setup for new sites - I've settled on putting it in my own definitions along with a number of other "templated" items and while I'll have to do it to every site, I'll also likely be using the other portions of the template on each site too, so it's a trivial issue. And it prevents breakage when upgrading, so all's good.


So, I can add a check to OMD, and it works fine. [eg. The fping check, or others...]
As an aside - I assume I can add in these checks into the "skel" directory to make them part of the "default" new site - so any new site will get that check. Is that correct?

But I really like the "wizard" that's available in thruk with the "help" information - especially for checks I don't use often, and can't remember the options/details clearly. [eg. Config Tool | Object settings | Commands [select a check command, say check_dhcp | click the "open command line wizard" | plugin help]

So, for the fping plug-in above - I'd like to know how to add the "wizard" info/data to populate it for help/examples.

However, searches, and looking at everything I've thought to look at have not shed much light on where you'd add this.
Can someone point me in the right direction?

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