[omd-users] Nagios group->escalation question

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Fri Sep 8 07:33:25 CEST 2017

First: I've got a "general" nagios question. I'm not sure if I should pose that question here, or perhaps someone would suggest a good place to post it, if not here. [Since I'm technically using OMD, I feel a bit odd posting it in the Nagios forums etc.]

So, I'll try to keep this simple:

I want to define hosts and services as belonging to certain/specific host/service groups.
I won't have any notifications to a contact defined in the host/service itself. All alerts will come from escalations.

I'll create host-escalation(s) and service-escalation(s) and assign a host/service *group* to the escalation, along with, obviously, contacts.
Then the escalation will generate the alerts to the proper contacts, in the proper time-periods, etc.

In short: 
Assign hosts/services to host/service groups.
Assign host/service groups to host/service escalations. 
Thus, via indirection, we have hosts/services "associated" to an escalation and it will generate the alerts & alert criteria.

However, it doesn't appear to work. [And yes I think I've got it right - here's why.]
If I assign the host/service directly to the escalation it DOES work - just not when I assign the host/service *via a group* to the escalation.

...Part of my reasoning for doing it this way is clarity: 
I can see when looking at each service/host what group->escalation path will apply to that host/service. 

If I assign them directly to the escalation, I have to go to the escalations and see what's assigned there. 
And it's easy to miss a host/service; not have it assigned anywhere, and never get alerts [since I don't generate them anywhere else.]

Plus it looks ugly, and is hard to read when if I assign a bunch of individual hosts/services directly to the escalation.
[I'm doing it this way on the servers I'm migrating, and I don't like it - and want to do it more cleanly.]

Any insights? 
Is this known not to work?

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