[omd-users] Help with themeing and path location for extinfo images

Chris Moody chris at node-nine.com
Fri Apr 13 20:18:23 CEST 2018

Good morning all.

Doing some investigation into themeing and I'm trying to understand the
file pathing wizardry you all are doing to make the selectable theming
work.  End result, I'm trying to set some custom icons via hostextinfo
and serviceextinto files, but no matter where on the filesystem I drop
the images, they're all returning '403'. 

In the *extinfo.cfg files, I've set the following:
define hostextinfo{
        host_name               host.domain.com.
        icon_image              IMG.png
        icon_image_alt          IMG.gif
        vrml_image              IMG.gif
        statusmap_image         IMG.png
        register                1

I've checked the <site>/var/log/apache/*.log files and see the images
I've set in hostextinfo being called, but with the path of "GET
/<site>/nagios/images/logos/IMG.png".  I've done some searching and see
no physical path for 'nagios/images/logos' anyplace (yet) so am wagering
this portion of the path in the page content is being dynamically
rendered...I just haven't yet sorted out how/where yet.  In the interim,
I've also copied my images into every 'logos' dir I can find under every
theme path, and they're still not returning '200'. 

Any pointers to any docs so I can educate myself would be awesome.  I've
read the page about the filesystem layout, but it doesn't really give
much in terms of hints for the themeing.

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