[omd-users] Use NginX instead of apache

Imre Bertalan bertalanimre at gmail.com
Wed Jan 17 09:39:03 CET 2018

Hey Forum!

I'm using NginX ever since I'm working with webservers, but have not used
apache yet. (Didn't have to). Therefore, the configurations for OMD looks
very confusing for me. My main issue yet is to install an SSL certificate
for my omd website. With NginX I would know where to start, but with apache
and all the links everywhere, I'm getting very dizzy now. So I have mainly
2 questions.

1; Where the hell can I put my crt and key files and with what names so
apache will recofnise it and use it.

2; How about using NginX? It is a way better webserver in terms of
performance, plus it has other features like a built-in loadbalancer. I see
no reason why wouldn't we try it. Can somebody tell me any special
requirements that are required by OMD and Check_MKs websites that I should
consider adding to an NginX config?

Thanks in advance!

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