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Dennis Sweben D_Sweben at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 18 18:01:31 CET 2018

Hi Andreas

Thank you soo many times!!
I got a test site up and running after loads of changes.
The profiles init script apache config modules etc

Going to redo it and write it all down and share it here as well, might be usefull for someone else :) and/or maybe someone would like to make a little bash for it

Kind regards,
Dennis Sweben

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On 17 Jan 2018, at 22:27, Andreas Döhler <andreas.doehler at gmail.com<mailto:andreas.doehler at gmail.com>> wrote:

Hi Dennis,

with such a migration you must do some manual steps. I had done this week one migration from SLES11 to actual Ubuntu and then the same "problems".
First edit the init file for the site apache - linke file for 85-apache. It is only one line with the executable for apache.
The next step are some changes to the apache config itself.
Easiest way for this is to create a test site on your new system and take this created apache config and compare it with your restored site.
The test site should have the same version as your migrated site.
There you will find many entries for the loading of apache modules. These entries must be changed to the new ones (copy and paste from the test site).

If you now try to start the apache and get another error look at the mentioned config file and compare again with the test site ones.

Best regards

Dennis Sweben <d_sweben at hotmail.com<mailto:d_sweben at hotmail.com>> schrieb am Mi., 17. Jan. 2018 um 13:29 Uhr:
Hi Robert,

Thanks for your reply!
I ran it and these are the results:
sudo omd diff MySite
 * Changed content var/icinga
 * Changed content var/nagios/nagios.log
 * Changed content var/check_mk/wato/auth/auth.php
 ! Changed permissions var/check_mk/wato/auth/auth.php
 * Changed content local/lib/icinga
 * Changed content etc/auth.secret
 * Changed content etc/htpasswd
 ! Changed permissions etc/htpasswd
 * Changed content etc/apache/php-wrapper
 * Changed content etc/apache/apache.conf
 * Changed content etc/apache/conf.d/02_fcgid.conf
 * Changed content etc/mk-livestatus/xinetd.conf
 * Changed content etc/init.d/apache

I’m not sure what the permissions should be, but I don’t really think it will solve the error “Starting dedicated Apache for site MySite…/omd/sites/MySite/etc/rc.d/85-apache: line 88: /usr/sbin/httpd: No such file or directory”

Thanks again!

Kind regards,

On Wednesday1/17/18, 12:14, "omd-users on behalf of Robert Sander" <omd-users-bounces at lists.mathias-kettner.de<mailto:omd-users-bounces at lists.mathias-kettner.de> on behalf of r.sander at heinlein-support.de<mailto:r.sander at heinlein-support.de>> wrote:

    On 17.01.2018 09:21, Dennis Sweben wrote:

    > Any advice? I can’t really afford a clean site since the old one is
    > holding data from more than a year which I need to preserve.

    You should run "omd diff" in your site and compare the listed files.

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