[omd-users] Scheduled downtime

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Under 'WATO' select 'Notifications' and define a time period the service should notify.

Under 'WATO' select 'Host & Service Parameters' and search for 'Notification period of services', where you can pair the time period and the service, including limiting by folder and/or host.

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I've looked for quite some time, but can't find a way to accomplish it - but, for example;

I might have a single host/service that's down from 1a-1.30a and I'd like to either/or suppress notifications or checks [Either would be fine, though knowing how to do either, depending on situation, would be best.]

Obviously, one can create a time-period that excludes the "down" time and apply that to either the notification/excalation or the check.

But that's a hassle if you have a lot of services/hosts that have a different time-period for their downtime - you end up creating a bunch of one-off time-periods and each service/host has it's own time-period. That's easy to screw-up, in so many ways. [Or you can create one time-period that excludes a wider time, and can handle more than one service/host - but that may be less granular than desired.]

There doesn't seem to be a way to handle this elegantly in Nagios, but perhaps OMD has some features/options I'm not aware of. [Or perhaps I'm missing something obvious in Nagios.]

What options exist to handle this?

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