[omd-users] alert handlers and performance data

Moulton, Steve moultonsa at ornl.gov
Tue Jan 22 15:58:40 CET 2019

I have recently started looking over alert handlers to take certain actions (i.e., shut down a computer if the temps are above what I think they should be).

It does not appear that there is a mechanism to return the performance data from the poll triggering the alert – I don’t see anything like that in the variables sent in the alert via

# test script: send all variables in an alert
env | mail -s "alert variables" xxx at yyy.zzz<mailto:xxx at yyy.zzz>

Any ideas, anyone?

Steve Moulton - Systems Engineer
Future Technologies Group, CSMD
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Office: 865-574-9609 | Fax: 865-576-7605 |moultonsa at ornl dot gov
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