[omd-users] Upgrade problem

Dave Ford absdjf at bath.ac.uk
Tue Jun 2 00:49:41 CEST 2020

On Sat, 2020-05-30 at 17:43 +0200, Andreas Döhler wrote:
> Hi Dave,
> it sounds like a problem that every of your sites don't know witch
> hosts belong to another.
> How was your upgrade path?

> All servers together and then push one time the config from the
> central system to the slaves?

No, I just shutdown each server, upgaded the version on each, turned on
the master server, and turned both slaves on. I did not attept to
'push' any config. 

> On one of your sites you can do a "cmk -D hostname".
> In the Tags section you find a tag [site:yoursitename] is this tag
> the same name as inside the file 

Unfortunately, I had to roll the whole system back to pre-upgrade so
wasn't able to check this.  However, I did explicitly set the sites on
several machines on the master Check_mk server via WATO - that still
did nothing to change the situation. 

The correct server was performing the checks though - or, at least,
storing the data. 

Looking on the pre-upgrade servers, then the cmk cmd is returning the
expected results.

The WATO configuration looked fine through the GUI.  

I've just tried to replicate the problem with two new servers that are
mostly empty - e.g. only two hosts in, one on each 'site' and following
the same upgrade path.  Naturally, the upgrade worked entirely as I'd
expect with no problems.... 
I'll attempt some hackery to clone the running service and try and
upgrade it offline.

> PS: for Questions for Check_MK it is better to use now the new forum
> under - 

Thanks - I'll post my original question there also 


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