[omd-users] Upgrade problem

Dave Ford absdjf at bath.ac.uk
Fri May 29 19:48:22 CEST 2020

I've just upgraded our estate from version 1.5.0p23.cre to 1.6.0p12.cre
and while it mostly has gone fine. we've noted one potentially
catasphoric problem.

We have three servers, server1 - monting general purpose machines,
server2 - monitoring 1000 hosts but only with a ping no check_mk agents
and server3 monitoring various appliances via SNMP.

This all worked fine - hosts were assigned to a site via their
container folder in WATO.

However, following the upgrade althrough the WATO interface looks
right, the search system is reporting three of everything - every host
is visable from every server.

E.g. when we look at the serives on a server we get a urL ocntaining:


Where WRONGSITEHERE can be server1, server2 or server3 despite the
testhost being listed as one. 

Similarly if I list 'All Hosts' each host is listed under each site.
The good news is that it doesn't appear that all three check_mk servers
are performing all of the checks for all of the hosts. 

This is proving confusing and problematic as only servder1 has an
Oracle client installed, so for two of the three search results active
SQL checks appear to be failing.

Obviously, I could install the oracle client on all three servers - but
this doesn't fix the issue  Is there a way to revert to the behaveour
we saw previously - where each host is only listed for the site it's a
member off?  

Have I missed a step during the upgrade process? I did this following
the instrctions and noticed no errors or warnings.


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